Sadataka Anmi


Sadataka Anmi, a visual artist


1987 Born in Kanagawa,Japan

Lives and works in Berlin who does digital artwork including 2Danimation.


In Sep 2018, Japanese artist Sadataka Anmi moved to Berlin on a mission to draw 1,000 people and capture its incredible diversity. 

Anmi started this project in Feb 2019.

This project is practiced based on a simple rule,

"Draw the person he met in real life"


To date he has drawn 168 people, and has chosen a cross-section of society represented by different nationalities, religion and social status. Anmi was most interested in making a connection with those offering alternative perspectives, which allows him to question his own interpretation of diversity and society. According to Anmi, “I represent the racial diversity and wanted to archive the relationships with people I’ve actually met in this world. I find myself visualising their identitie. 1,000 is just a number to aim for, which means it is not a goal in itself. The goal, for the purpose of this project, is to keep on drawing; it will never end. I will continue with this project for the rest of my life and this artwork will perpetually hold the status of ‘unfinished.’ Unless I stop drawing, it will keep evolving and improving forever.”